This past weekend, I went on a little Microadventure together with my buddy Florian. We wanted to make the most of the long weekend in Bavaria and therefore decided to visit friends in Karlsruhe and do the return journey by road bike. We packed light, bikepacking style, taking only handlebar-mounted front bags and a giant Apidura saddle bag. We departed around 11am on Sunday morning.

The track we followed was taken from the excellent We went via Pforzheim and passed Stuttgart in the south. Towards the evening after around 140km already in our saddles, we faced the only real climb on our route: The Alb mountain range. The sun was already going down, so we climbed Gutenberger Steige in wonderful evening light with only very little motorized traffic.

After having a good dinner at a Greek restaurant, we went looking for a place to sleep. We quickly got lucky and found a perfectly cut patch of grass owned by the local RC aircraft club.

The following day we had breakfast in Ulm, where we saw a somewhat unusual postman.

Due to exhaustion, Flori bailed out after 100km, shortly before Augsburg. I pressed on the last 80km to Munich, traversing increasingly familiar landscapes. In F├╝rstenfeldbruck, my rear shifter cable ripped, leaving me with only an uncomfortably high gear for the last 25km. I arrived in Munich around 5pm on Monday with a total of 336km on the clock. My longest cycling distance yet, although with a good night of sleep in the middle.