As usual when writing blog posts, I am sitting in a train, this time headed for Karlsruhe. I am returning from a two day visit to my parents in Rosenheim. On the way back I dropped by a friend in Munich who works for Google. Earlier this year he submitted my resume to Google. And here I am, preparing to fly out tomorrow night to start working as an SRE Intern in Dublin next Tuesday.

I am going to be working on a team that supports Google’s use of Ganeti internally. Today in Munich, apart from taking a look at a Google office from the inside for the first time, I had the pleasure of meeting one of the Ganeti developers. I think it’s today that really got me in the mood for the exciting months ahead - learning about Google culture, seeing and hearing things that are only revealed to those inside Google - and I am now looking forward to my first full-time job immensely, even though I am leaving behind a lot in Karlsruhe that might not be there any more once I return.